CBG Oil 1500mg GeNO 30ml

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CBG Oil 1500mg GeNO is an extract of CBG oil, one of the best inexpensive organically cultivated oils in Europe, with a high CBG content of 1500 mg.

Manufacturer GeNO, Czech Republic https://genofarm.cz/

You can buy original CBG GeNO oil in Ukraine absolutely legally only in three stores: worldcannabis.org, hempday.shop and canhub.shop. We are the only dealers of the GeNO company in Ukraine, which can be verified on the website of the GeNO company.

GeNO uses only 100% organic hemp oil containing CBG extract and a unique combination of fatty acids that positively affect your well-being and health. Our products work wonders and you will appreciate them.

PRODUCT Details:

- Comfortable glass bottle 30 ml with pipette

- Organically Cultivated Hemp

- Only natural ingredients, no solvents

- 1500 mg CBG extract in hemp oil, 5%

- Zero THC, no psychoactive effects

- Drops: ~ 600

- Dose: 3-4 drops / 3 times a day

 3 months after opening

- storage - refrigerator

Attention!!! CBG is certainly legal and not on the list of prohibited drugs, it is not a psychotropic drug, but its antagonist, is actively used in medicine in the advanced countries of the world

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